Volume 84 Issue 1 Club Website: HTTP://www.puyalluphawghunters.com     July 2004

Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Tom Melowitz wins Duck Lake

Bryan Vance with a 4.75 # Largemouth from Duck Lake

       Riffe Lake Results 
The July 11th club tournament saw 21 members and 4 guests fishing.  Riffe Lake was unusually calm until late in the afternoon when the west winds kicked up.  Congratulations to Marv Walker for first place with 10.99 pounds and the big fish of 3.41 pounds.  Tom Melowitz was second with 8.31 pounds and Mike Buse finished third with 7.12 pounds. Complete results are on the club Web site.

      Marv Walker wins Riffe Lake

          Duck Lake 
The June 19 - 20 Duck Lake club tournament had 24 members and 5 guests fishing.  Congratulations to Tom Melowitz with 31.24 pounds for winning, Ken Ganancial with 28.51 pounds for second and Mike Hostetter with 26.79 pounds for third place.  Bryan Vance had the tournament and season big fish, 4.75 pounds. Complete results can be found on the club Web Site.  Doug Jorgensen received a complaint from the Ocean Shores police dept for 2 separate incidents.  Reports of a boater doing donuts and speeding in the canals on Friday.  We believe that to be a local resident and not a club member.  Reports of excessive speed at the blast off on Sunday.  The police indicated that they might change future permit hours to no earlier than 8:00 am in an effort to avoid these issues in the future.

        Banks Lake
    Federation Qualifier

Mark Lippencott won with 22 pounds.  Below are the results for club members that fished the Banks Lake Federation Qualifier:
Place   Weight   Club Member  

 16      18.49     Tom Melowitz
 53      14.91     Larry Guck
 59      14.31     Bryan Vance
 67      13.12     Kenn Brainerd
 70      12.74     Gerald Dunn
 76      11.95     Frank White
 84      10.75     Eric Woods
 86      10.07     Blaine Wesner
 91       9.49      Paul Jones
101      8.32      Joe Scheperle
  Roosevelt Tournament

The next club tournament is August 14 and 15 on Lake Roosevelt.  The lake is currently at full pool with the water temperature at 71 degrees.  The fish are currently positioned  similarly to what we found at Riffe Lake.  By tournament time they should have fully recovered from the spawn and be positioned in normal summer locations.

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