Volume 79 Issue 1 Club Website: HTTP://www.puyalluphawghunters.com     July 2003

Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Ken Ganancial with 2 fish from his first place bag at Pend Oreille

Tom Melowitz with a 5.44 Largemouth from Pend Oreille

        Pend Oreille 
We had 17 club members and guests fish the June 22 and 23 Pend Oreille tournament.  The weather has pretty bad with cold temperatures, rain and high winds.  In fact, it reminded some of Sammamish Open weather.  We had 4 limits on day 1 and none on day 2.  Congratulations to Ken Ganancial for first place with 18.4 pounds, Tom Melowitz for second with 15.57 pounds and Eric Woods for third place with 13.70 pounds.  Tom also had the big fish of  5.44 pounds.  Complete tournament results are on the Web Site.  We had 2 anglers 1 hour late to the day 2 weigh in.  Because the weigh in was at noon rather than 1:00 pm, as is the norm for day 2, 2  anglers were unable to weigh their day 2 fish.

Camping reservations at Scootney are on a first come basis for the August 2 and 3 club tournament.  Arrive early to guarantee youself a camping site.  The Cabana Holel in Othello is only 12 miles away.  Their number is 509 488-2605.


  Duck Lake Kid's Day

The 2nd Annual Kidís Day Picnic on Duck Lake is scheduled for a Saturday in July.  The hours will be 8 AM to 4:30 PM.  The park has been reserved.  There will be a fee of approximately $15 per family which will pay for food and prizes for the kids. There will be a fishing time from 10:00am to 12:00pm for the kids, which will be any species of fish any size. The club will again donate money to the Kid's Day Picnic  to help with the expenses.  Blaine Wesner is preparing a flyer describing the Kid's Day Picnic which will be available at the July club meeting.  Last years Kid's Day Picnic was a big success and all those that attended had a great time.

Thanks to Paul  for filling in as the Tournament Director at Pend Oreille.


We had 24 members and guests fishing for the club at the  2003 Jamboree.  The weather was outstanding with sun and little wind.  The fish were on beds so the fishing was good. We were in third place after day 1, second place after day 2 and finally finished third.  Mike Hostetter finished highest in the club at 15th place.  Complete  Jamboree results may be found at the Federation's Web site.

Kid's Casting

We had 22 kids participate in the Kid's casting at the Jamboree.  All of the kids and club members had fun at the contest.  Age Group 0 - 6:  first place - Shane Hostetter, second place - Colton Buse, third place - Cade Lyski.  Age Group 7 -11:  first place - Trevor Hankinson, second place - Jake Muse, third place - Zack Summers.  Age Group 12 - 15:  first place - Shane Stone, second place - Krystal Paschke, third place - Emily Visser.


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