Puyallup Hawg Hunters
January 13 Meeting Minutes



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Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Meeting minutes for January 13th 2016


Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM

Special Guest: Willie Nelson from Nixons Marine was in attendance he said that he enjoyed fishing with us at the draw tournament last year and joined the club for the opportunity to fish with us more this year.

Treasurers Report: Aaron reported that there is currently $880.70 in savings and 3,733.60 in checking. There are several checks yet to clear and when they do our checking balance will be 2,499.30.

Tournament Report: Jaymee went over the tournament schedule as posted on the web. There was discussion about not holding a spring open and focusing efforts on the fall open due to cost and competition with several other events at or near the same time and making the Sammamish tournament a two day club only event.

Anthony Douglas volunteered to spearhead the gathering of sponsors for the fall open.

Tips & Tactics: Ty Watterson finally arrived (better late than never) Ty reminded us of the importance of being comfortable while on the water and dressing properly for conditions. He also reminded us of the importance of wearing your PFD. Ty spoke about the importance of having confidence and fishing what you have confidence in not necessarily what others are fishing.  Ty also reminded us to keep things simple.

Ty nominated Shawn McDaniel for the next tips & Tactics

Conservation: Ty had nothing to report. Charity mentioned that the federation was looking at using mesh weigh in bags and an opportunity for the club to purchase them as part of our conservation requirement.

Safety:  Doug reminded those who use auto inflating PFDs to check their expiration dates.

Federation Report: Charity advised that a bylaw committee was formed to review the federation bylaws and update them as necessary.

Old Business: Doug brought up the idea that was mentioned in past meetings about having a big bass pot for the season. Everyone who wanted could pay into the pot and whoever catches the largest bass in a club tournament for the year wins the pot. 

Mark reminded everyone that the banquet is this sat. at The Ram at 6pm. This is a buffet style dinner that will cost about $10 a person.

Charity Howe was voted in as a full club member.

New Business: Bass Pro Shop Spring Classic will be Feb. 13th-14th there were several volunteers to man a booth at the Bass Pro shop to promote the sport and recruit new members. (I had to respectfully decline the offer as I will be fishing Lake Toho in sunny Florida at that time.)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 the meeting had to be immediately called back to order because the meeting min from Nov. had not yet been accepted. Doug made the motion that the min. be accepted as posted on the web site. The vote did not pass for some dumb reason several members actually wanted the min. read aloud to them. Keith read the min out loud and they were accepted by the body as they realized the error of their ways. (Someone may have attempted to make a motion that they never be read out loud again)

The meeting was then adjourned for real at 8:40


Raffle:  The raffle made $125 that Hoss will be using for something at the banquet.