Puyallup Hawg Hunters
February 10, 2016 Meeting Minutes



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Mark called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.

Special Guests: Tiger Free; Jeremy Day and Samuel Shockley of Send A Vet Foundation; and Wendell Marler of Fishing with Heroís.

Jeremy and Samuel talked about the Send A Vet Foundation. It is an organization helps disabled vets with hunting and fishing adventures. The try and send veterans that are at least 40% disabled on hunting and fishing trip around the country.

Wendellís, Fishing With Heroís Foundation also assistís veterans. His foundation primarily focuses on those with PTSD. He has a property on a private lake that allows veterans to come and go fishing in a peaceful environment. Wendell also provides the veteran with a fishing rod, reel and tackle box with baits in it.

Both of these organizations want us to become involved with them. They did not ask for money, but rather our time to take vetís fishing. The club was very receptive and enthusiastic about both foundations. The consensus was that club will arrange something that would be beneficial to them.

Tips and Tactics: Shawn McDaniel talked about bed fishing for largemouth. Shawn emphasized that trying different baits, colors and cadence of movement often trigger tough fish.  Shawn also stated that using a Snell knot lends to better hook up rates. Next month Luke and Tim will both give presentations.

Meeting Minutes: They were accepted as written on the internet.

Treasurerís Report: We spent $234.12 on trophies and have $2266.34 left in our bank account. Nothing is outstanding.

Tournament Report: Jaymee said that Lake Sammamish will be a draw tournament. Draw will be held at the April meeting. Silver will be a two day event and will also be a draw, also at the April meeting. Doug objected to the draw format being used for a travel tournament.

Safety: Nothing to report.

Federation: Charity said that WSBF is revising the bylaws. They should have then finalized in the near future. Ryan Gates is our new Federation rep, since he goes to all the meetings. Federation qualifier entry forms are on the WSBF website. Doug asked for feedback on the club paying a $1000 towards our qualifier team. The feel was positive on doing that again. Doug made a motion for the club to pay $1000 towards the clubs qualifier team. The motion carried overwhelmingly. Doug will be calling down the points standings to form our qualifier team. The team and entry forms are due by April 15th.

Old Business: The club will be providing people for Bass Pro Shops Spring Classic this weekend. Saturday will be Jaymee and Hoss in the morning. TBD for the afternoon shift. Sunday will be Aaron and Anthony in the morning, Joe and Mike Peters in the afternoon.  Saturday will also be the jig pour at Markís house. Starting at 10 am till whenever.  Luke said that club jerseys are linked up on the club website and available for immediate order. The Puyallup Hawg Hunters have fantasy fishing group. It is on the Bassmaster website and follows the elite events. $20 buy in and high points at the end of the season takes all the money. The password is on our Facebook page.

New Business: Anthony talked about sponsor stuff and making the Mickelson a bigger event. He has already got some sponsors to commit for the event. Get our flyer together for the Mickelson and distribute then at the NW Divisional in October.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm. It had to be called back to order at 8:52 pm to vote in a member. Shom Barrientos was voted in as a full member. Meeting was adjourned for good at 8:54 pm.

Raffle made $95. It was placed back in the kitty for more raffle stuff.