2-8-12 Call to order @ 7:05pm       Adjourned @ 9:00pm

Special Guests: Ty Watterson

Program Activity: Doug Jorgensen talked a bit about Cashion Rods. The rods are made in the USA and come with a life time warranty. He really seams to like them and purchased a Cashion Rod over a G-loomis. The Cashion Rods cost $179 each.

Tips, Tactics, and Tech: Jaymee Strasbaugh did a presentation on drop-shot basics. Some of the key points included: Running a wide spool to cut down on line twist, appropriate knots to use, line types, leader lengths and rod selection.

Doug Jorgensen was picked to be next months presenter.

Minutes from prior meeting: (club banquet)

treasurer's report:

Checking $1,270.28
Savings     $501.00
Petty cash $200.00

Total = $1,970.28

Conservation Report: None

Tournament Report:
 Lake Washington Open coming is up. Aaron asked for volunteers to help with set up. Wayne, Shawn and Tim will help in the morning. Tim, Ryan and Doug will help in the afternoon. All club members are encouraged to help procure sponsors for the open.

Fishing Report: None

Safety Committee: Doug reminded everyone to look at the dates on your inflatable life vests cartridges. The cartridges do expire and even if the color coding shows that it is good if it is past the expiration date it needs to be replaced. 

Federation Report:
Club State team was selected members are as follows. Boaters: Jaymee Strasbaugh, Doug Jorgensen, Tom Melowitz, Aaron Christel and Travis Archer. Non-Boaters: Ryan Gates, Mark Mrzena, Kevin Higgins, Dwayne Lyons and Clark Korper.


New Business: Club will be paying $100 per club state team angler towards the TBF qualifier entry fee.  Mark Mrzena brought in sponsorship letters for club members to pass out to businesses and also Tournament Flyers for the upcoming Washington Open. Please contact Mark if you would like to get your hands on some more flyers or letters.  

Old Business: Club tournament on potholes conflicts with NW BASS tournament. Wayne is going to check with the state to see what our options are and the tournament committee will make a decision on changing dates or changing bodies of water. 

Raffle: we had a raffle! Thank you Tim you did an excellent job.