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  2/15/18 Home Changed the August tournament from  Crow Butte to Umatilla because we couldn't get enough campsites at Crow Butte
    Umatilla Launch Launch Details
  2/14/18 Home Changed Silver to Tapps a week earlier
    Tournaments Changed Silver to Tapps a week earlier
  2/8/18 Mickelsen Flyer Added the Flyer .. etc
  2/3/18 Home Changed the February club meeting to Tuesday the 13th .. based upon a txt from Mark
    Calendar Changed the February club meeting to Tuesday the 13th .. based upon a txt from Mark
  2/1/18 Home Indicated that the Sammamish open was cancelled
    Calendar Changed the club tournament on Sammamish to 3/24-25
    Open Tournaments Indicated that there will be no Sammamish Open in 2018
  12/5/17 Home Changed the Marquee to read Jan 10th.  There is no December club meeting per Doug Jorgensen
  11/30/17 Club Roster Corrected the spelling for Joe Jacobson added TBF Numbers for Androya, Blunk, Costanzo, Cameron Dunn, Jacobson, Johnson, Kelly, Kidd, Kyler, Sherrill, Jr & Sr Stroessner, Skovajsa, Taylor, Whisler Al & Bryan Vance and Vietzke.  Whisler is spelled Whistler on TBF Sherrill is spelled Sherill on TBF .  Nothing for Stan Lee, Scott Miller, Zach Phillips, Larry Guck on TBF
  11/22/17 Calendar Preliminary 2018 Calendar
  11/11/18 Crow Butte Launch info Preliminary Launch Info for Crow Butte Tournament
  11/10/17 November Meeting Minutes Posted the November Meeting Minutes
  11/4/17 Home Corrected the November meeting date to 11/8.  Ddded the 2018 schedule and the 2017 Award Winners
    Calendar Corrected the November meeting date to 11/8
  10/24/17 October Meeting Minutes October Minutes Posted
    Mike Costanzo Updates Mike's profile
    Officers / Activity Directors updated for 2018
  10/17/17 Stats Final
    Tournament Winners Added Brian Vance
    Tourney Results Final 2017 Results
    Mark Mrzena Updated Mark's profile
    Troy Kelly Updated Troy's profile
  10/16/17 2017 Rookie Final Rookie Standings
    2017 Most Improved Final Most Improved
    Club Standings Final 2017 Club Standings
    Home After Washington
    Washington Club Results Lake Washington Results
    Club Tournaments Updated with October Reults
    Mickelsen Updated for 2018 and 2017 Results - no pic yet
  10/15/17 Home Included the Mickelsen
    Mickelsen Results Mickelsen Results - No Pictures
  10/13/17 Members Updated Troy Kelly's email address
  10/4/17 Mary Bridge Tax Form Added a Link to the Mary Bridge Tax Form on the right of our home page
  9/28/17 Club Records Updated the club record for a single day
  9/26/17 2017 Big Fish Added Curtis Blunk's picture from Lake Washington in May - I must have already had the picture since it was the picture I used for his profile
  9/24/17 Sponsors Removed angler's marine and Density tackle as club sponsors
  9/23/17 Sponsors Corrected the Address for Auburn-Kent Valley RV Center
  9/21/17 September Meeting Minutes September Minutes Posted
  9/19/17 Tourney Results After Potholes
    Stats After Potholes
    2017 Rookie After Potholes
    2017 Most Improved After Potholes
    2017 Big Fish Added potholes Big Fish
    Tournament Winners added Matt Milatz
    Potholes Results Added the 2 pictures I got - corrected Frank White
    Club Standings Corrected because Frank White was missing for Potholes
  9/18/17 Potholes Results Posted the results - no pictures
    Club Standings After Potholes
    Home New standings and potholes
  9/14/17 Home Posted the 2018 Schedule
  9/13/17 Mickelsen Entry Form Replaced Joe Scheperle with Rich Craft
    Mickelsen Printable Flyer Added An additional entry requirement for each team is two unwrapped toys
from the attached Wish List for the Children of Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.
    Mickelsen Web Page Added An additional entry requirement for each team is two unwrapped toys
from the attached Wish List for the Children of Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.
  9/2/17 State Team Final standings in the WSBF Qualifiers
    Ian Skovajsa New profile Picture from the Washington Qualifier
  8/26/17 Mickelsen Open Flyer PDF Open Flyer
    Mick Open Web Page Open Web Page
    Entry Form PDF Entry form
    Rules 2017 Mickelsen Open Rules
    Open Tournaments Added a link for 2017 Mickelsen Open Flyer
  8/23/17 Ryan Blankenship Updated Ryan's profile
    Members Updated Ryan Blankenship's address
  8/17/17 Rich Craft Updated Rich's profile.
  8/15/17 Willamette River Results Posted the Willamette River Results
    Stats After the Willamette River
    Tournament Winners After the Willamette River
    Tourney Results After the Willamette River
    Club Standings After the Willamette River
    Home Added the Willamette Results/ etc
    2017 Rookie After the Willamette River
    Most Improved After the Willamette River
  8/12/17 August Minutes Posted the August Meeting Minutes
    Rookie of the Year Updated Rookie of the year criteria as was approved at the 8/9/17 club meeting
  8/9/17 July Minutes Posted the July Meeting Minutes
    Willamette Launch Site Changed the Willamette Launch site to Cedaroak Boat launch on the Willamette
  7/29/17 Weigh In Forms New weigh in Forms from Rich Craft posted
    Aaron Christel Updated Aaron's profile with a new Ranger 198
  7/7/17 June Meeting Minutes Posted the June Meeting Minutes
  6/22/17 2018 Tournaments Added a page for the tournament permit applications for 2018 submitted by Rich Craft
  6/19/17 Weigh In Forms The 6/17/17 Version
  6/13/17 Lake Tapps Results Added Saturday Pictures 
    Tourney Results After Tapps
    Tapps Interviews Preliminary Interviews
    Stats After Tapps
    2017 Rookie After Tapps
    Most Improved After Tapps
    Tournament Winners After Tapps
    Members Corrected Bryan Vance's email address
    Ian Skovajsa Added a profile picture
  6/11/17 Lake Tapps Results Posted Lake Tapps Results
    Club Standings After Tapps
  6/8/17 Home Updated the next club event, made the club logo background transparent & added  the new WSBF Logo at the top
    Jaymee Strasbaugh Updated his profile
    Shawn McDaniel Updated his profile
  6/5/17 Curtis Blunck Added the picture, on his profile, which Curtis sent to me
    Club Roster Deleted Tyson Grey & Mark Smitth.  Added profile links for Curtis Blunck & Shom Barrientos
  6/1/17 Tournament Weigh In Form Added a page which has a link to our weigh in form ( MS Word or PDF) - the link is on the lower right of our home page
  5/30/17 Jamboree Results Posted the Jamboree Results
    Club Standings After the Jamboree
    Tourney Result After the Jamboree
    Stats After the Jamboree
    2017 Rookie After the Jamboree
    Most Improved After the Jamboree
    Club Roster Added Scott Miller's address etc
  5/26/17 Washington Results Added the O'Rourke's pictures
  5/24/17 Home Corrected the link to Washington Results
    Club Standings Corrected Morgan, Jasinski and Watterson - added pictures
    Washington Results Added Ty, made Joe O, Catchings, Alverota, Pedroni, Ryan Miller and Brent Deaton guests
    Tourney Results List of members tourney results
    Stats Stats thru Washington
    2017 Rookie Standings after Washington
    2017 Most Improved Standings after Washington
    2017 Big Fish Standings after Washington
    Club Records 39.95 for 2 days by Travis Archer
  5/22/17 Club Standings Standings after Washington
    Washington Results Posted results
  5/15/17 Members added an email address for Scott Miller
  5/12/17 Constitution Added Entry Fees
    May Meeting Minutes Posted the May Minutes
    State Team Current Standings for members fishing the TBF Qualifiers
    Eddie Kidd Added a picture to his profile
    2017 Rookie Standings Rookie Standing after Chelan  - Travis is still a rookie - having never fished  5 club tournaments in a year
  5/11/17 Chelan Results Corrected Joe Androyna
    Club Standings "
    Members Removed Caps from Greg Milatz's email address.
    Shawn McDaniels New profile Picture with a 6.65 from Chelan
    Willamette Launch Site The Willimatte Launch Site has been changed to Cathedral park
  5/10/17 2017 Big Fish Added Chelan Big Fish
  5/5/17 Chelan Results Added pictures sent to me my Doug Jorgensen, Travis Archer and Luke Morgan
  5/3/17 Chelan Results Made Larry Guck and Scott Miller members
    Standings and Results Deleted Josh Cantrel, Brent Deaton, Charity Gates, Bob Higbee, Kevin Jorgensen, Willie Nelson, Adam Weberg, Kevin Wiley  - Added Larry Guck and Scott Miller
    Chelan Results Posted results - no pics
    Club Standings Standings after Chelan
    Stats Stats after Chelan
    Results after 2 Tourneys After Chelan
    Club Tournaments Included Chelan Results
    Home Updated with Chelan Results
    Roster Added Stan Lee, Larry Guck and Scott Miller and deleted Bob Higbee, Josh Cantrel, Charity Gates, Adam Weberg, Brent Deaton, and Kevin Jorgensen
    Sammamish Club Results Changed Stan Lee to Sam Dees
  4/17/17 April Meeting Minutes Posted the April Meeting Minutes
  4/13/17 Home Indicated that the April 29 tournament had moved from Roosevelt to Chelan
    Calendar Updated for the closure of Roosevelt in April
    Roster Updated Mark Smith's email address
    Constitution Updated for the changes voted in at the March Meeting
    Chelan Launch Info We will be launching out of Old Mill Park
  4/4/17 Sammamish Open Results Posted the Open Results
    Sammamish Club Results Posted the club Tournament Results
    Club Standings Standings after Sammamish
  3/31/17 Open Tournaments Updated the club contribution to Mary Bridge
    new member info Added the info for Denny's in South Hill
    Home removed the link to South Hill Denny's - it is on the new member info page
  3/17/17 Matt Milatz New profile Picture
    Greg Milatz New profile Picture
    Roster Updated Matt & Greg Milatz' address, Updated Cory Vietzke's address,  added: Al Vance, Bryan Vance, Troy Kelly, Ian Skovajsa, Zach Phillips, Dave Stressner jr and Sr.
  3/15/17 AOY / Klutz winners Updated the list of club Champions and Klutz winners ( missing 2015 Klutz Winner)
    Dave Stroessner Sr Made a profile
    Dave Stroessner Jr Made a profile
    Al Vance Made a profile
    Bryan Vance Made a profile
    Ian Skovajsa Made a profile
    Troy Kelly Made a profile
    Zach Phillips Made a profile
    Eddie Kidd Made a profile
  3/14/17 March Minutes Posted the March Meeting Minutes
  3/4/17 February Minutes Posted the February Meeting Minutes
  2/12/17 Mike Costanzo New profile picture for Mike
  2/10/17 Roster Corrected Aaron Christel's email address
  2/9/17 January Minutes Posted the January Meeting Minutes
  2/7/17 Home Added the Feb 8th meeting to the Marquee
    Roster Added Cory Vietzke
    Cory Vietzke Made a profile for Cory
  1/29/17 Eric Hills Updated Eric's profile  (Boat & occupation)
  1/24/17 Sammamish Open A a link to the Sam Open Flyer on Open Tournaments page
  1/19/17 Curtis Blunck Made a Profile for Curtis
    Ty Watterson Updated his profile
    Travis Archer Updated his profile
    Tommy Deaton Updated his profile
    Tom Melowitz Updated his profile
    Tim Griswold Updated his profile
    Shom Barrientos Updated his profile
  1/18/17 Roster Corrected Curtis Blunck's email address - for the second time
    Mike Costanzo Updated his profile
    Hoss Updated his profile
    Mike Peters Updated his profile
    Rich Craft Updated his profile
    Ryan Gates Updated his profile
    Ryan Hills Updated his profile
    Shawn McDaniel Updated his profile
  1/12/17 Roster Updated Mark Smith's  and Ryan Blankenship's info
    Ryan Blankenship Made his initial profile
    Mark Smith Made his initial profile
  1/11/17 Home Put the Banquet info on the front page
    Keith O'Rourke Updated his profile
    Ken Ganancial Updated his profile
    Kevin Higgins Updated his profile
    Luke Morgan Updated his profile
    Mark mrzena Updated his profile
    Matt Jasinski Updated his profile & added an email address on the Roster
    Matt Milatz Updated his profile
  1/9/17 Greg Milatz Updated his profile
    Jaymee Strasbaugh Updated his profile
    Joe Mitchell Updated his profile
    Joe Scheperle Updated his profile
    John Davis Updated his profile
    Josh Cantrell Updated his profile
    Justin Whisler Updated his profile
  1/8/16 Cameron Dunn Made a profile for new member Cameron Dunn
    Gerald Dunn Updated his profile
    Frank White Updated his profile
    Eric Hills Updated his profile
    Dwayne Lyons Updated his profile
    Bob Higbee Updated his profile
  1/7/17 Launch Info Added Launch and hours info for the 2017 Tournaments on the home and tournament pages
  1/6/17 Joe Androyna Updated Joe's Profile
    Roster Added Joe Androyna's info
    Anthony Douglas Updated Anthony's profile
    Brian Sherrill Updated his profile
    Brandon Kyler Updated his profile
    Superman Updated his profile
    Dez Ruffin Updated his profile
    Doug Jorgensen Updated his profile
    Calendar Added more tournaments to the club calendar
  1/5/17 Calendar Updated the Calendar for 2017
  1/4/17 Home Corrected the dates for the Willamette Tournament
    Club Tournaments Corrected the dates for the Willamette Tournament
  1/3/17 Roster Added new members: Curtis Blunck, Cameron Dunn, Joe Jacobson, Matt Johnson, Eddie Kidd and Robert Taylor
  1/2/17 Home The January meeting is at South Hill Denny's
    Open Tournaments Corrected the Sammamish Open date from March 25 to April 1.
    December Meeting Minutes POSTED THE MEETING MINUTES
  12/15/16 Home Updated the tournaments based upon an email from Jaymee
    Club Tournaments Updated the tournaments based upon an email from Jaymee
    Roster Deleted the Wiley's, Oskouei, Bailey and Ashbaugh based upon an email from Mark
  12/7/16 Home Changed the new meeting location to the Rock,   4301 s Meridian, Puyallup 98373
  12/6/16 Nov 6 Washington Results Added pictures taken by April O'Rourke
  11/30/16 November Minutes Posted the November Meeting Minutes
  11/22/16 Nov 6 Washington Results Added a Jorgensen Picture
  11/12/16 Home Corrected the spelling for Shawn Mcdaniels' last name
    Winners Added the Lake Washington Winner
    2016 Stats 2016 Final
    2016 Results 2016 Final
    2016 State Team Final Standings for members that fished the Federation Qualifiers
    Club Records Added a new category - Most Point with the winner receiving 75 points for first place
  11/11/16 Constitution Added sentence to  6A approved in October concerned late penalty for those lending assistance.
  11/10/16 Home Changed the Roosevelt date to 4/29-30
    Club Tournaments "
    Nov 6 Washington Results Posted the Lake Washington Results
    Club Standings Final 2016 Standings
    Most Improved Final Most Improved
    Rookie Final 2016 Rookie
  11/8/16 Home Updated with 2017 schedule & Mickelsen results
    Mickelsen Results Posted the Mickelsen Results
  10/25/16 Meeting Minutes Posted the October Meeting Minutes
    Club Roster Updated Shawn McDaniel's address & email address
    Shawn McDaniel Updated Shawn's profile to show he had moved to Oregon
    Mickelsen Entry Form WEB Updated the Mickelsen Entry Form ( as a web page ) Mark's phone number & Aaron's address
    Mickelsen Entry Form PDF Updated the Mickelsen Entry Form ( as a PDF File )
    Home Updated the next event
  10/10/16 September Minutes Posted the September Meeting Minutes
  10/7/16 Home Posted the 2016 Mickelsen Info on the Home Page
  9/19/16 Most Improved After Potholes
    Rookie After Potholes
    Big Fish Included 2 from Pot Holes
    Winners Included Potholes
    2016 Stats After Potholes
    2016 Results After Potholes
  9/14/16 Home Included the Potholes Results and Dez's win
    Potholes Results Tournament Results
    Club Standings Standings after Potholes
  8/21/16 July Meeting Minutes Posted the July Meeting Minutes.  Keith sent them to me on 8/5/16.  I overlooked them until today.
  8/19/16 August Meeting Minutes August Minutes Posted
    Vantage Results Added commentary about the tournament.  Anyone with additional commentary or pictures send them to me.
  8/16/16 Vantage Results Added 5 Pictures
    2016 Winners After Vantage
    Most Improved After Vantage
    Rookie After Vantage
    2016 Results Individual Results including Vantage
    2016 Stats After Vantage
    Club Standings Corrected Mark Mrzena from Silver
  8/14/16 Home updated for Vantage
    Vantage Results Posted Vantage Results
    Club Standings Standings after Vantage
  8/5/16 Club Roster Changed address for the Gates'
  7/16/16 Home Added a link to the 2017 Preliminary Tournament ( they are on the Club Tournaments Page)
    Club Tournaments Added the preliminary 2017 Tournament Schedule ( permits submitted before July 1)
    State Team Updated the state team standing after Moses Lake
    2016 Winners Add the 2016 Tournaments Winners Page
  7/14/16 Home Added Aarons wedding invitation
  7/7/16 Home Changed the Mickelsen & Washington to Nov 5 -6 based upon an email from Jaymee
    Club Tournaments New Washington date
    Mickelsen Flyer "
    Mickelsen PDF "
    Open Tournaments Mickelsen Date Change
  6/25/16 June Meeting Minutes Posted the June Minutes
  6/17/16 Eric Hills New profile picture from the Jamboree for Eric
  6/14/16 Silver Lake Results Added Pictures
    Big Fish Added Pictures
    Home Added Pictures
    Banks Results Posted Jamboree Pictures
  6/13/16 Silver Lake Results Corrections  from Yesterday
    Club Standings "
    Most Improved Standing after Silver
    Rookie Standings after Silver
    2016 Results Results by Individual after 4 tournaments
    2016 Stats Stats after first 4 tournaments
    Big Fish Added 2 big fish from Silver -  no pics yet
  6/12/16 Silver Lake Results No Pictures Yet
    Club Standings Standings after Silver
    Home Top Silver Finishers
  6/2/16 2016 Results Includes the Jamboree
    2016 Stats Includes the Jamboree
    Home Corrected the June meeting date
    Calender Corrected the June meeting date
    2016 Rookie After 3 tournaments
    2016 Most Improved After 3 tournaments
  6/1/16 Riffe Lake Results Added the Riffe Lake Pictures
  5/30/16 Banks Results Banks Lake Results
    Club Standings Standings after the Jamboree
  5/22/16 Riffe Lake Results Added pictures of Josh c and Joe A, the only picture I took.  Still have not received pictures from Charity
    Josh Cantrell Added a new profile picture for Josh Cantrell
    Joe Androyna Added a preliminary profile for Joe Androyna
    Club Roster Added Joe Androyna to the roster - no details
  5/18/16 Club Roster Added Ryan Blankenship and Mark Smith as new members
    May Minutes Added the may Meeting Minutes
    Club Standings Corrected standings for Blankenship - he had been  given 0 points for long lake
    2016 Results Thru Riffe
    2016 Stats Thru Riffe
    Big Fish Added McDaniels's 4.75 Largemouth
  5/15/16 Riffe Lake Results Tournament Results - no pictures
    Home Updated for Riffe L:ake
    Club Records Restored Joe Mitchell with the largest one day weight of 22.90
    Club Standings After Riffe
  5/6/13 Big Fish Added Brian Sherrill's 6.45 to the 10 Big Fish caught in a club tournament
  5/3/16 Shom Barrientos New picture from long lake
    Rich Craft New picture from long lake
    Matt Jasinski New picture from long lake
    Brandon Kyler New picture from long lake
    Officer KO New picture from long lake
    2016 State Team State Team standings after Chelan
    2016 Stats Stats after Long Lake
    2016 Results Everyone after long lake
    Calander Changed sammamish as a 2 day to Riffe as a 1 day
    Riffe Lake Tournament Changed Sammamish to riffe
    Riffe Lake lauch Info Launch Info & Hours
  5/1/16 Club Records Restored Vance & Strasbaugh as the one and two day record holders
  4/27/16 Mike Peters Added Mike's 5.15 Picture to his profile
    Long Lake Results Added Mike Peters picture, Jaymee Strasbaugh's picture and Kevin Higgin's picture
    Jaymee Strasbaugh Added Jaymee's 7.55 picture
    Home Added Jaymee's 7.55 picture
  4/20/16 Several Changed the spelling for Edmonson's first name & changed 1st place points from 76 to 75
    Long Lake Results Added the remaining pictures from Kila Higgins & facebook
  4/19/16 Long Lake Results Posted the Results
    Club Records 4 new records Starsbaugh 7.55 pound Largemouth Craft 6.45 smallie Edmonson largest 1 and 2 day weights
    Club Roster Added the date paid for big fish pot of the year to the club roster
    April Meeting Minutes Posted the minutes
    Home added top finishers and 7.55 largemouth to the home page
  4/18/16 Long Lake Results Posted three Pictures I got from Facebook - Keith, Rich Craft and Brian Sherrill. 
  4/2/16 Long Lake Corrected the launch and meeting times.
  3/31/16 Club Roster Changed Greg Milatz's email to DeadSolid1@gmail.com and added his TBF number
  3/26/16 Clark Korper The 9.6 Picture
    2016 State Team New Superman Picture
  3/22/16 Club Roster Added TBF Number.  Those that say none may have been entered with a different spelling than that on our web site
    Home and Club Tournaments Removed Silver as a draw tournament
  3/19/16 Home removed the Classic picture
    2016 State Team Added a 2016 State Team Page - the link is on the Club Tournaments Page
  3/15/16 March Minutes Posted the March Meeting Minutes
    Keith O'Rourke Updated Officer KO's profile
  3/10/16 Tim Griswold Corrected Tim's profile
    Sponsors Added the new Auburn Kent Valley RV LOGO
  2/15/16 Mickelsen Open Flyer Made a 2016 Mickelsen Open Flyer
  2/13/16 Club Roster Added Shom's phone number
    February Minutes February meeting Minutes
  2/6/15 Home Added Launch info
    Calander Corrected the Sammamish Dates
  2/1/16 Home Made Sammamish a draw based upon an email from Jaymee
  1/22/16 Rich Craft Added Rich's 2007 Skeeter
    Club Roster Added Shom Barrientos
    2016 Tournaments Made Sammamish a 2 day club tournament and Silver a Draw - no Sammamish Open based on email from Jaymee
    Home Made Sammamish a 2 day club tournament and Silver a Draw - no Sammamish Open based on email from Jaymee
    Open Tournaments No Spring Open based upon an email from Jaymee
  1/21/16 Ryan Hills Updated his profile
    Club Roster Deleted Kila Higgins and Larry Williams based upon email from Doug
    2016 Tournaments Updated the Tournament Page for 2016
    Josh Cantrell New profile
    Club Roster Updated Josh Cantrell's Info
  1/19/16 Rich Craft Updated profile through 2015
    Ryan Gates Updated profile through 2015
    Ryan Hills Updated profile through 2015
    Shawn McDaniel Updated profile through 2015
    Tim Griswold Updated profile through 2015
    Tom Melowitz Updated profile through 2015
    Tommy Deaton Updated profile through 2015
    Travis Archer Updated profile through 2015
    Ty Watterson Updated profile through 2015
    Shanin Oskovei Updated profile through 2015
    Larry Williams New profile
    Shom Barrientos New profile
  1/18/16 Joe Scheperle Updated profile through 2015
    John Davis Updated profile through 2015
    Justin Whisler Updated profile through 2015
    Keith O'Rourke Updated profile through 2015
    Ken Ganancial Updated profile through 2015
    Kevin Higgins Updated profile through 2015
    Kevin Jorgensen Updated profile through 2015
    Kevin Wiley Updated profile through 2015
    Mark Mrzena Updated profile through 2015
    Matt Jasinski Updated profile through 2015
    Matt Milatz Updated profile through 2015
    Mike Costanzo Updated profile through 2015
    Hoss Updated profile through 2015
    Mike Peters Updated profile through 2015
  1/17/16 Clark Korper Updated profile through 2015
    Dez Ruffin Updated profile through 2015
    Doug Jorgensen Updated profile through 2015
    Dwayne Lyons Updated profile through 2015
    Eric Hills Updated profile through 2015
    Gerald Dunn Updated profile through 2015
    Greg Milatz Updated profile through 2015
    Jaymee Strasbaugh Updated profile through 2015
    Joe Mitchell Updated profile through 2015
    Frank White Updated profile through 2015
  1/16/16 Home Added a link for to the buy a Hawg Hunter Jersey
    Club Roster Updated Ty's info & Added Charity Howe
    January Minutes Posted the January Minutes
    Charity Howe Made the Initial profile
    Brandon Kyler Updated profile through 2015
    Brent Deaton Updated profile through 2015
    Brian Sherrill Updated profile through 2015
    Chad Ashbaugh Updated profile through 2015
    Adam Weberg Made Initial profile
  1/13/16 Home Added Starting at 6 pm for the Banquet
    Club Roster Updated Luke's address
    Luke Morgan Updated Luke's Profile
  1/1/16 Aaron Christel Updated profile through 2015
    Andrew Bailey Updated profile through 2015
    Anthony Douglas Updated profile through 2015
    Austin Wiley Updated profile through 2015
    Bob Higbee Updated profile through 2015
  12/20/15 Home Corrected the Pothole Dates from 11-12 to 10-11.
    Calendar Preliminary 2016 Calendar
  12/15/15 More TBF Info Dec 8 release on TBF Semi Finals
  12/10/15 Navionics Added a new Navionics Map - Maps of all lakes in the world - the link in lower right on the Home Page
  11/23/15 Home Added a link to our  Facebook Group - upper right on the Home Page - thanks Eric
  11/17/15 Home Latest tournament dates and locations from Jaymee. Thanks Jaymee.  Updated our Sponsors GIF ( upper Left)
    Open Tournaments Posted the dates, May 14 for the Sammamh Open and October 8 for the Mickelsen, for our Opens.
  11/15/15 Sponsors Deleted Auburn based on an email from Doug
    Officers Added Keith as the Secretary - Thanks Keith
  11/14/15 Home Posted the 2016 Schedule & Banquet Location & Date based on the states web site
    November Minutes Posted the November Meeting Minutes
  10/18/15 Club Records New Records for Average weight (Team ) and Avg fish per day ( team ) .. Thanks Jaymee for doing this!
    October Minutes Posted the October Meeting Minutes from Keith
  10/9/15 Club Roster Corrected the Milatz's phone number
  10/8/15 Washington Results Added Eric Hills
  10/7/15 Mickelsen Open Posted the Mickelsen Results
    Sponsors Removed Lamiglass RK Power, Seasense, Wave Away, Northwest Bass, Vrxfishing, Extreme Sun glasses and H2 Out and added Doybnrods, Cabela's and Sportsmen Warehouse based upon call from  Doug
    Home Changed the front page
    Calendar Corrected the Calendar to show the 14th as the October meeting date
    Washington Results Posted the final club Results
    Rookie Final
    Most Improved Final
    Stats Final
    Tourney Results Final
  9/18/15 Rookie Corrected the rookie standings for the Milatz's
  9/17/15 Sponsors Corrected the address for Anglers Marine
  9/14/15 Moses Results Added Pictures
    Home Addeed Moses Pictures
    Most Improved After 6 Tournaments
    2015 Standings Corrections
    Rookie After Moses Lake
    Stats After Moses Lake
    Tourney Results After Moses
    2015 Big Fish Included 2 fish from Moses Lake
    State Team Final State Team Standings
  9/13/15 2015 Standings Standings after Moses lake
    Moses Results Posted Moses Results - No pictures
  9/11/15 Mickelsen PDF Flyer Made a Printable Mickelsen Flyer - the Link is on the flyer on the Web Site Flyer
  9/10/15 Sponsors Corrected the Gamakatsu email address, removed Dan Johnson's phone # and removed Jordan Doucet from 3 rivers
    September Minutes The Sept meeting minutes were posted
    Constitution Changes for 75 members, 75 points for 1st and one draw team tournament were made.
  9/7/15 Mickelsen Open Added toys for Mary Bridge
  8/28/15 Mickelsen Open Made the Mickelsen Open Flyer
  8/27/15 July Minutes Posted the July 8th meeting minutes.  They were in my in basket and I forgot to posted them.
  8/19/15 Riffe Results Posted Riffe Lake 8/15 Results
    Standings Standings after Riffe Lake
    Stats Stats after Riffe
    Tourney Results After Riffe
    Most Improved Most Improved after Riffe
    Rookie Rookie Standings after Riffe
    2015 Big Fish Updated after Riffe
  8/18/15 Home Inserted the winners pictures for Riffe Lake. 
  8/13/15 August Minutes Posted the August Meeting Minutes
  8/12/15 Home Removed the thank you note for Gates 7 Dunn, corrected the meeting day to tonight 8/12 rather than 8/13
  8/4/15 Club Roster Temporary phone # change for Jaymee Strasbaugh
  7/30/15 Home Added a thank you note Ryan Gates and Gerald Dunn
  6/29/15 Club Roster New phone # for Mark Mrzena
    Calendar Updated the Riffe & Moses Lake Tournaments on the Calendar
  6/26/15 June Minutes Posted the June 10th minutes
  6/17/15 Riffe Launch Info Riffe Launch Site changed to Mosey Rock park - from Jaymee
  6/15/15 Home Added a marquee for the next event.  Added links for the member profiles on the front page standings.
  6/8/15 Long Lake Results Added Pictures
    2015 Big Fish Added Long Lake Big Fish
    Greg Milatz Updated profile
    Matt Milatz Updated profile
    Matt  Jasinski Updated profile
    Anthony Douglas Updated profile
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  5/26/15 State Team After the first Qualifier on Washington
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  4/28/15 Home Changed the May 17 Lake Washington Tournament to a draw tournament based upon a email from Jaymee Strasbaugh ( Tournament Director).  The draw will be at the May meeting.
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  4/20/15 Club Roster Deleted Robert Terhure.  Added Russ Baker, Anthony Douglas, Tyson Grey, and Adam Weberg.  Corrected Jaymee Strasbaughs' phone number.  If Douglas, Grey, and Weberg read this please send me ( Tom_Melowitz@yahoo.com ) your email address.  Club Roster is now at the max allowed, 50, by the Constitution.
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