Puyallup Hawg Hunters
August 10, 2011 Meeting Minutes



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The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM and adjourned at 9:00 PM.  No one claimed the big fish pot. There were no special guests.

Program Activity:  

Tips,Tactics,and Techniques:  Nick Culver talked about Jigs.  He likes to customize his jigs right out of the box. He trims the skirt to the bottom of the hook and trims a little of the weed guard.  His most productive times are during spring and fall.  He likes to mix it up with the rattles letting the fish tell him if they want the noise from rattle or no rattles.  Nick always fishes targets; docks, wood, and lay downs, the shady sides of docks when there is a high sun.  He says it's important to be as quiet as possible in boat and on the trolling motor.   He likes to use braid in vegetation and switches to fluorocarbon  when fishing wood and docks.  He uses a lot of natural colors and of course black and blue.  He is very happy with the Palomar knot.  Ryan Gates is on for  September,
Minutes:  The minutes from July were accepted as posted on web.
Treasurers Report: Wayne Bailey reported a balance of $1842.44 with no outstanding debts.

Conservation Report:
   Kevin Higgins talked with Fish and Game. The majority of the conservation projects that they have are targeted towards Salmon.  He  will be talking with them more in the future.   He is trying to set up a time during one of our meetings for them to come in and talk.  We added a total of 35 hours for conservation with the participation at American Lake for Take a Soldier fishing day.  We still need an additional 5 hours.

Tournament Report: The Marine Park drivers meeting will be at 5:45 am with blast off to follow. 3:00 pm weigh in on Saturday and 1:00 pm on Sunday. The club had a discussion about having a draw tourney on Tapps in 2012.

Fishing Reports: No reports

Safety Report: No safety report.

Federation Report:  Kenny G volunteered to attend the Federation meeting for Gerald.  He now has decided to fish the Crow Butte tournament so we need a volunteer for the September 17th meeting if anyone is interested in gong.

New Business:  Adam Hokenson and Russ Baker were voted in as new members.  
Old Business: Sweatshirts and T's are being printed.  Hats and visors middle of next week.   If you owe Mark Mrzena $ please get that to him asap!  The Tournament conflict with Potholes in 2012 is being changed to May 5th.  We had a discussion about changing the payout percentage for our opens.   Some people would like to see the club get a little more money back from what we earn at the Mickelson.  Here is what is proposed:.  60% of raffle to Mary Bridge and 20% of entry to Mary Bridge.

Raffle:  The raffle generated $48.

Klutz Nominations:  No nominations