Puyallup Hawg Hunters
April 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes



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Meeting called to order a 7:10pm by Mark Mrzena
Fishing report: Shawn caught a Hawg and showed off some pictures of it.
Program activities: Tapps Draw pairings
Kenny G - Big Bass Dez
Bob Higbee - Justin Whistler
John Davis - Brian 
Kevin Higgins - Luke morgan
Mark Mrzena - Shawn Mcdaniels
Joe Sheperlie - Ty Waterson
Doug Jorgenson - none
Hoss - none
Jamie Strausbah - none
Tip/Tactic: Clark was absent and is on for next month
Treasure Report:
total $1,841.11
checking $1,192.00 
saving $649.11
Special guest: none
Conservation report: Club is considering joining the Silver lake Carp Kill Off event hosted by the WDFW in attempt to remove the over abundant carp population maintained in the lake. The removal of the excess carp should restore balance to the lake's natural ecosystem and encourage the reintroduction of native aquatic plant species in the lake.

Tournament report: Thank you Joe Scheperle for helping run the open and setting everything up. Sat only had 9 boats and for the club to continue hosting this event on sammamish we need to step up out game as the low turn out actually cost the club money.  Jaymee gave a recap of the sammamish tournament standings. 
Safety Report: Tim Griswold suggested the club hold a first aid/CPR class at one of the meetings to educate the club and potentially save someone's life.

Federation Report: Dez gave a well presented federation report to the club after attending the state meeting. Thank you Dez! here are some of the bullet points of Dez's report. State qualifier for lake Sammamish has been moved to Lake Washington (same dates). the federation will be giving away prizes of $700 and $300 to randomly drawn participants of all 3 qualifier events.  Long Lake qualifier campsite has been moved to 9 mile park on the South-East corner of the lake. Future state team members will have to participate in (2) TBF events as per the sponsorship contract requirments (1) of these events is to be a youth related event (for example cast for kids) the 2nd event can be the Federation annual banquet. 
     The federation is considering changing the format of the qualifiers next year to a Boater Vs Boater field and a Co-angler Vs Co-angler field. 


New Business: at the last club tournament a boat number got skipped at blast off. Some new members did not know about the club's options pots. As a club we have to work on communication to prevent this from happening again. 
     The Hawg Hunters are hosting the federation Banquet this year!!!   Bob Stiener is checking the availability of clearwater casino as a venue for this event. The banquet is to be held on Nov 14th. We need volunteers to help organize this.  Also our club will be running the cast for kids event at the Jamboree on Banks lake volunteers are needed. 
Other: Puyallup Hawg Hunters have now sent 4 members to the TBF nationals way to go!