Puyallup Hawg Hunters
April 11, 2012 Meeting Minutes



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The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm


Special Guest: Keone Omega


Big Fish: No claim


Program activity: None


Tips Tactics and Techniques: Dwayne Lyons was absent and is on the hook for next month. In Dwayne’s absence Frank White gave tips on hand lotions and skin crème to improve the texture and appearance of club members skin.


Minutes: not read


Treasurers report: Checking - $1234.28, Savings - 701.09, Deposit - $428.00, Petty Cash - $240, Total - $2603.37


Conservation Report: Russ Kroeker talked about soft plastic baits and their effect on the environment. He cited a couple of studies that have been done on the matter and referenced those interested to Bass masters website for more information. We urge club members not to discard any plastics into our waters. Please keep a zip-lock bag to store your old plastics and bring them in to the club meeting. There are several members that would be happy to take your old plastic and melt it down to pour new baits. Aaron also mentions that there is another bill coming up in Washington to attempt to ban lead weights (AGAIN). We will announce new information as it becomes available.


Tournament report: Lake Washington Open had 17 boats. The raffle went well as did the weigh-ins. The club had plenty of helpers that kept things running smoothly. We look forward to next year and hope for more attendance. Lake Washington Club tournament standings were recapped.


Fishing Report: half a dozen people reported that fishing has been picking up on several lakes. To break it down, the water is warming up all around the state and the fishing is starting to get good.


Safety Committee: no report


Federation Report: Travis Archer might not be able to attend the qualifier as a boater pending his boat repair. (word is his lower unit went out on lake wa). If you are registered for the qualifiers as a non-boater and currently own a boat we would ask for you to please go as a boater so our club can field a 10 man team.  The Federation has decided to replace the scholarship tournament with a “Making the Dream” tournament.  This decision was made based on the fact that the scholarship was not being used and was very difficult to give away due to the conditions of acceptance. Also the TBF State qualifier entry fees have been raised to $300.


New Business: The proposed change to the constitution Article II Section III Membership Dues was passed. We no longer have a $10 late fee and the new member fee was raised to $65 to cover the cost of FLW and TBF registration. Article II Section III Membership now reads “Membership dues shall be $95.00 annually, payable by the October meeting of the calendar year. New members will pay $65 initially.”


Old Business: N/A


Raffle: Raffle was held by Tim Griswold.


New member: Keone Omega, assigned buddy Tim Griswold.