April 9, 2008 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm and adjourned at 8:45 pm.   No one claimed the big fish pot.  The special guests at the meeting were Wayne Bailey, Michael Meredith, Gene Wilkins and Jim Rolling.

Program Activity:   None

Tips, Tactics and Techniques:   
Mike Peters talked about fine-tuning jigs and preparation.  Thane Hatch talked about increasing drop shot leader length.  Frank White and Luke Morgan are on for May. 

Raffle:  The raffle generated $74.

Treasurerís Report:  Stephanie Strasbaugh reported a balance of $958.04 with no outstanding debts.

Minutes:  The March minutes were accepted as posted on the website.

Conservation Report:  No report

Federation Report: 
 Larry Williams reported that the Federation Qualifier scheduled for June 14th on Lake Whatcom has been moved to Moses Lake.

Tournament Report: Larry Williams talked about Ron Hobbs and Jonas Pettit winning the Sammamish Open.  Hoss talked about the different techniques he used to win the club tournament on Lake Sammamish.   Larry went over the schedule for Lake Roosevelt.  He also asked about how many people needed a camping site at Silver Cove for the September Silver Lake tournament.  Let Larry know by the May club meeting.

Fishing Reports: 
No reports.

Safety: No report

Old Business: None

New Business:   The club voted to change the entry fees to $120 and big fish option to $20 for the cub run Open Tournaments.  Assigned club buddies for the new members are: Wayne Bailey - Joe Scheperle ; Michael Meredith - Gerald Dunn.

Klutz nominations:  Daniel Thomas nominated Gerald Dunn because he forgot to put in his drain plug at the Sammamish club tournament.