April 11, 2007 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM and adjourned at 8:47 PM.  There were no special guests.  No one claimed the big fish pot.  Larry Williams is the new Vice President of the Washington State  Bass Federation and will be handing the Big Fish responsibilities over to Mike Hostetter.    The club voted in favor raising the Largemouth to 6lbs and the  Smallmouth to 5lbs.

Program Activity:  Nothing scheduled.  Larry Williams is going to work on getting someone in to talk about Zebra Mussels.

Tips,Tactics and Techniques:  Ron Ryan talked about making jig/spinnerbait skirts and the different materials and colors you can use.   He likes to stroll the fly fishing isles for different types and styles of materials.   Mike Danielson talked about throwing Senkos and the tackle he likes to use. Mack Randle and Aaron Christel are on for May.

Raffle: The raffle generated $57 ( we still need more raffle items).

Treasurerís Report:  No report.

Minutes:  The March minutes were accepted as posted on the website.

Conservation Report:  No report.

Federation Report: 
Larry Williams talked about how the WA Dept. of Fish and Wild. was there with a presentation on Zebra Mussels.  He also talked about the new updated Largemouth seasonal ban on Banks Lake go to www.wabass.org for more details. Cast for Kids are looking for volunteers go  o the website for more info.  He talked about the 2007 format - 10 man teams $150 per team mate for all 3 tournaments. You will receive a raffle ticket for a chance at a Ranger boat when you register. You have to be present at all 3 qualifiers to be in the raffle and have to be present to win. Banks Lake Shoot-Out is on April 28th at Banks Lake - $225 per team 1st place $7000 and pays to the top 20 teams (based on 100 boats). This tournament is for Federation Members ONLY. Mack Randle will be fishing the Federation Divisionals May 7th-11th on the Pot Holes Reservoir.

Tournament Report:  Larry Williams talked about the Sammamish Open results and that Chris Ferry and Tag Watson won it.   Chris talked about the key pattern he saw to help win the Open.   Chris also won the club tournament on Sunday.   Larry also talked about how well the Tournament was presented and set up.   He mentioned how proud he was to be apart of the event and thanked Stephanie, Paula, Chris, Ron and those who showed up to help.   Good job team!   The drivers meeting will be held at Streeters at approximately 5:30 and blast off at around 6:00 am. Weigh in will be at Streeters at 3:30.    Sunday will be 6:00 am to 1:30 pm.

Fishing Report:  Hoss talked about his new Evinrude he bought from Auburn Sports and Marine.  He took it out to Lake Washington for a test drive and fished while he was there. He said the bite was good and that they got into 20 good fish.

Safety:  Doug Jorgensen talked about the Boaters Safety Course possibly becoming a requirement of the club

 ( Excerpts from the constitution follow:  

 Article II Section II Requirement for Membership:
To become a member of this club a person must:

1 . Express an interest in bass fishing.  Become an associate member for a period of 6 months during which time 2 club meetings and 1 club function must be attended.  (Club function - any pre-scheduled (10 days minimum prior notice) club activity other than a regular scheduled or special monthly meeting.)  Notification of a club function may be given in written or verbal form.   Successfully complete a boating safety course within 3 months of becoming an associate member.)

Old Business: 
Get with Joe Scheperle if you are interested in a club coat. The club voted for helping Mack Randle with his expenses to the Divisionals by giving him $400. 

New Business:  Emanel Gonzalez has been voted in as a member. Larry Williams will be calling club members starting with the 1st place finisher for 2006 and down for picking the 2007 Federation Team. If he calls you and leaves a message, please call him back ASAP and let him know if you are interested.

Klutz nominations: No nominations.