Aaron Christel did this?

Well, I'm officially putting my hat in the bag for the cluts award.  Thursday morning I went to take my boat to a small local lake to do a little largemouth fishing.  I was concerned when hooking up the boat about the lights because last time the conection was loose and the lights would go off and on.  So, I began to pull the boat up the long driveway out of my dad's house where I have been storing it. I got about 100 yards up the steep driveway and BANG!  I look in the rearview mirror to see the boat gaining speed pulling away from the truck.  I jumped out of the truck to see it making a right turn and going through a few small trees and into my dad's yard.  It stopped about a foot from the deck.  If it had turned the other way, it would have droped over a 6 foot bank and into a van.  I got lucky, and I can laugh about it now.  Also, for the rest of my life, I will always make sure that I actually lock the reciever onto the ball and not be so concerned about the other stuff.  STUPID! Check out the picture to see just how close it was.