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June 10-11 Lake Tapps Team Tournament

We had 26 Teams with 50 members and guests fishing the fifth club tournament of the year, a team  tournament, on Lake Tapps.  The water temperature was in the upper sixties and lower seventies while air temperatures ranged from the 50's to 60's with mostly overcast skies and moderate winds.  The smallies were in the post spawn stage and because of the fronts that had previously gone through were far from aggressive.  Most fish were reported caught on some type of drop shot rig in 2 to 20 feet.  Several were caught off of underwater stumps.  Several musky's were reported hooked.  Bryan Vance reported boating a 16 pounder.

In first place with 24.65 pounds was Joe Scheperle & Ryan Blankenship.  This was Joe's fourth club victory and Ryan's first time in the winners circle.  They won by over five pounds.  Their victory was anchored by their 14.9 pound Sunday bag which included a 4.4 pound smallie, the big fish of the tournament.  Joe indicated that they caught most of their fish drop shotting but did catch a crank bait and senko fish on Saturday.  They moved around  a lot on Saturday but concentrated on only a few spots on Sunday.  Ryan said, "On Saturday we fished mostly 6' and shallower.  We caught fish on square bills, tubes, drop shot, senkos and flick shake.  We also found and caught one bed fish.   On Sunday all but one fish came on drop shot. (The one not on dropshot was a 2lb smallmouth caught in 1' of water on a black/blue senko).  We caught most of our fish between 8'-12'.  It didn't matter what color we threw as long as it was green pumpkin.   (Dream shots, zoom finesse, yum killshots).   We fished off of points and in front of docks, all were productive."

 Finishing second was Mike and Blair Peters with 19.10 pounds, boating about nine and half pounds each day.  This was the most consistent catch of all of the teams.  Mike fished alone on Saturday and was joined by Blair on Sunday.  He indicated that all of his fish were caught deep on a drop shot rig.  He weighed the only largemouth of the tournament, a 3 pounder, caught drop shotting off of a stump.

In third place was Rich Craft and Scott Miller bringing 18.85 Pounds to the scales.  Rich said, "Scott and I caught most of our fish on dropshot and football head hula grubs in 8-12 feet."


Finishing fourth with 18.55 pounds were Mike Hostetter and Greg Milatz.  Mike said, "We didn't have any pattern.  We caught them in 10 feet or less on drop shots and spinner baits".

Rounding out the top 5 was Al & Bryan Vance with 18.45 pounds.  They were the clear day one leaders with a four pound lead and also a 4.35 pound big fish and looked to be the clear choice to win the tournament.  Bryan indicated they caught most of their fish drop shotting on Saturday but were unable to get back on to a good bite on Sunday and were only able to weigh 2 fish.

                                                                                                                                         Interviews by Tom Melowitz