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2017  Mickelsen Open Rules



ENTRY FEE:  The entry fee is $120.00. 

EQUIPMENT AND FISHING METHODS:  All state and local laws as well as all safe boating rules must be observed at all times.  U.S. Coast Guard approved life vests as well as kill switches must be operative and attached any time the outboard engine is running.  Any person not observing these rules will be disqualified.  Only artificial lures are permitted, no live bait.  Only one rod may be in the water at any time, other rods may be rigged and ready. 

FISHABLE WATERS/OFF LIMITS:  Fishable waters include any water reachable by boat which is open to ALL contestants and which is not otherwise restricted by local, state or federal regulations.  All fishing and landing of fish must be done from the boat.  No contestants are permitted to leave their boat in an effort to propel or float their boat to fishing waters they could not otherwise reach.  There is no fishing inside the wake buoys of the host marina.  Fishing within 50 yards of another contestant without permission is not permitted.   

PENALTIES: Official tournament time will be announced prior to the take off.  Official time will be kept by a designated tournament official.  For each minute a contestant is late, a one pound penalty will be deducted from the team's total weight.  Any team more than 10 minutes late will lose all score for the day.  All contestants must pass a livewell inspection and safety check prior to take off and be officially "checked in" at the designated place and time for score to be counted.  There is a one pound penalty for short fish  (less than 12") and loss of that fish’s weight.  There is a .4 pound penalty for a dead fish, which applies to big fish, if dead,  and total weight. 

SCORING:  A 12" minimum length  will be enforced, measured on a flat board.  Any fish that are determined to be less than the minimum length will cause a one pound penalty and loss of that fish’s weight.  Any team bringing in more than the legal limit will lose all score for the tournament.  In the event of a tie in total weight of two or more teams, the largest bass from each team will determine the winner.  All culling of fish must be done immediately. 

ELIGIBLE FISH/LIMIT: Largemouth and smallmouth bass are the only fish permitted for weigh in.  This tournament has a team limit of 5 fish per team. 

PROTESTS: Protests regarding the violation of these rules must be made immediately to the tournament director.  All decisions concerning protests will be the decision of the tournament director, and all decisions will be binding and final. 

FISHING LICENSE: It is the contestant's responsibility to have all state required fishing licenses. 

SPORTSMANSHIP: The laws of good judgment and sportsmanship as well as courtesy toward others on and off the water will be adhered to at all times.  The use of obscene language or gestures is unacceptable at this tournament. 

PRACTICE FISHING:  The lake is off limits, closed, from midnight Sunday prior to the tournament until the day of the tournament.

INSURANCE AND LIABILITY:  It is mandatory that the boat owner carry proof of $100,000 watercraft liability insurance covering himself and his passengers.  All contestants are required to sign a waiver absolving all tournament sponsors, officials and co-sponsors from any responsibility for any damage or personal injury sustained as a result of their participation in the tournament or related activities. 

BREAKDOWNS/EMERGENCIES:  Contestants are not permitted to leave their boat or touch another boat, with the exception of an emergency or major equipment failure.  In the case of a breakdown on the water, the fishing partners may accept assistance in the form of a tow from or a return ride with another boat.  While in tow or riding, those contestants accepting assistance are not permitted to continue fishing.  However, other contestants rendering assistance, may continue fishing.  Should one of the contestants decide to stay with the troubled craft, he may send his catch with the captain of the team to the weigh-in.  The fisherman choosing to remain behind may not continue to fish. 

WINNINGS:  There will be no substitutions for prizes awarded.  All federal, state and local taxes and licensing and registration fees are the winners' sole responsibility. 

OFFICIALS:  All decisions of the tournament directors and officials shall be binding and final.