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April 11 - 12, 2015 Lake Roosevelt
Launch Information

We will be launching out of the Spring Canyon launch ramp.   Civil twilight is at 5:42 am and Sunrise is at 6:15 am.  The drivers meeting will be at 5:30 am on Saturday and the blast off at 6:00 am with the weigh in at 3:00 pm.  Sunday tournament hours will be from 6:00 am until 1:00 pm.  Expect the water to be down up to 40 feet.  Launch your boat and pull it up the the sandy beach by the launch.  The weigh in will be on the beach by the launch.

                                                           Projected Roosevelt Water Levels

Expect the water levels to be at 1255 feet.  With full pool at 1290 feet the expected water level is 35 feet below full pool. 

The 2015 on-line Fishing Regulations ( Page 80 ) indicate that:  the water upstream of the power lines past the park on the San Poil are open to fishing but a Tribal License is required.  Tribal licenses can be purchased at  Coulee Playland.