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April 11 - 12 / 2015 Roosevelt
Club Tournament Interviews

We had 33 members and guests using 19 boats to fish the first tournament of the year on Lake Roosevelt.     The water temperatures were in the mid 40's with strong winds on Saturday and milder winds on Sunday.  Temperatures reached into the 50's both days.  Saturday winds reached 40 MPH by weigh in time causing two boat casualties.    Joe Costanzo was blown onto the rocks by Swawilla Basin and had to be pulled off with a rope by Mike Peters.  Tommy Deaton had motor trouble heading to the weigh in and ended up in the rocks by Plum Point where his trolling motor finally gave out.  Tommy was towed back to Spring Canyon by Doug Jorgensen.  Many thanks to Mike and Doug for helping fellow members.    The water was approximately 35 feet below full pool where it is scheduled to remain into early May when Dam maintenance is scheduled to be completed. 

In first place, with his first club victory,  was Ty Watterson with 28.50 pounds including a final day's weight of 16.55 pounds.  Ty was fishing out of the back of Tom Melowitz's boat.   They fished the San Poil both days.   Ty caught almost all of his fish on tubes in 5 to 15 feet of water.  He said, " 

Had a slight setback when my partner was sick when he woke up Saturday morning.  I was fortunate to jump in Tom Melowitz’s backseat. Fishing was great for the first half hour on Saturday, I boated three keepers and the bite shutdown.  Fished around until about 1:00pm trying to stay out of the wind when the bite turned on again. We were able to fill our limits and cull a few fish.  Sunday my partner was still sick but allowed me to fish the second day. The wind was not a factor on Sunday. We got to our first spot and Tom caught 1 fish and that was all. We moved to our spot from Saturday and camped there the remainder of the day. Our eyelets and reels had ice hanging from them until the sun came up. Our baits had to be fished tremendously slow with little movement. I caught all of my fish on tubes with 5/16 or 3/8oz jig heads in 2’ to 15’ of water. A big thanks is owed to Tom for letting me fish with him and to Kenny Ganancial for allowing me to fish both days while he stayed back. "

In second place was Doug Jorgensen with 28.30 pounds.  Doug fished the San Poil both days.   He  said, " I caught all my fish on flats using a jerkbait in the morning until about noon each day.  The jerkbait bite would shut off then and I would then switch to tubes and grubs. I only averaged about 10 keepers a day. Low for Roosevelt.  I had a rotation of six spots I used each day to catch my fish. " 

Finishing third was Jaymee Strasbaugh with 28.05 pounds.  Jaymee said" I fished with Brian Sherrill out of his 920 Phoenix which handled Saturdays waves perfectly! We fished points both Saturday and Sunday using mainly tubes.  I switched up to a football head with a twin tail hula grub on Sunday which seemed to get the attention of bigger fish.  We had one point that gave us roughly 15 of the 20 fish we weighed in over the 2 days. All of our fish came in 5 – 20’ of water."

In fourth place with 26.75 pounds was  Eric Hills.  Eric said, "   ....."



Finishing fifth with 26.65 pounds was Mike Hostetter.  Hoss said, " .......... "


                                                                                                                                         Interviews by Tom Melowitz