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8/10 - 11/ 2014 Riffe Lake
Club Tournament Interviews

We had 28 members and one guest using 16 boats to fish the fifth tournament of the year on Riffe Lake.  Most members camped out at Mosseyrock Park where a good time was reported to be had by all.  The water temperatures were in the mid 60's with mild morning temperatures and afternoon temperatures rising in to the 80's.  Saturday saw mild morning winds and then the normal afternoon high winds on the east end (Cosmos).  The normal winds did not appear Sunday.  The water was only a few feet below full pool.  There were more fish caught on Saturday but the Sunday Fish were larger.  Saturday had 84 fish averaging 1.84 pounds with 9 limits.  Sunday saw  59 fish averaging 2.23 pounds with 3 limits.  The one casualty on Sunday was John Davis.  John blew his engine during the Sunday blast off.  He fished all of Sunday with only his trolling motor.  While he caught several fish they were all too short.  John is looking for back seat for Potholes.

In first place was Dwayne Lyons with 2 daily limits that totaled 21.80 pounds.  Dwayne said, "




In second place was Mike Peters with 20.80 pounds.  Mike said he caught his fish between noon and three on Satuday and early in the morning in the mid lake area on Sunday.  He added, "All of my fish came in the mid lake area.  We were Carolina Rigging a lizard.  We caught our fish betwwen 12 feet and 32 feet."

Finishing third was Jaymee Strasbaugh with 20.30 pounds.  Jaymee said, " I had 4 fish each day…had a chance to boat the 5th fish several times each day but they won the fight! Not bad on Sundays weight with a 4 fish limit! I caught all of my fish on a drop shot rig anywhere from 10 – 30’ mainly on the Kosmos end of the lake along the river channel. I did catch one or two later in the day on a couple of mid lake humps."  

Eric Mills was fourth with 19.35 pounds.  Eric said,"  I caught all of my fish drop shotting a Sniper Snub in Snot color and using a Shakey Head with a Strike King Elaztech 7 inch worm in dirt.  My fish all came in 11 to 25 feet.  Saturday there shallow, just outside the weed edge and Sunday they were deeper."


Finishing out the top 5 was Ryan Gates with 18.05 pounds and the 4.95 pound big fish smallie.  Ryan said, "




 Interviews by Tom Melowitz