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9/20 - 21/ 2014 Potholes
Club Tournament Interviews

We had 31 members and five guests using 19 boats to fish the sixth tournament of the year on Potholes Reservoir.  Members camped out at O'Sullivans Park where a good time was reported to be had by all.  Many congratulations and thanks to the several significant others that provided the outstanding food all done with a Mexican motif.   The water temperatures were in the mid 60's with mild morning temperatures and afternoon temperatures rising in to the 80's.  Winds were mild all weekend.  The water was approximately 15 feet below full pool.  There were 3 fish over six pounds and another four over five pounds.  It was a great club tournament like only Potholes can produce!

In first place, with his first club victory,  was Joe Mitchell with 2 daily limits that totaled 34.50 pounds.  His Saturday limit of 22.90 set a new club record for the largest single day weight.    He also came with .28 pounds of setting the 2 day club record.  Joe also had the big fish, a 6.20 pound largemouth on Saturday.  Joe said, " Going into the tournament I had a spot I was banking on that I found last year during pre fish that I couldn't fish last year due to the bad weather. The first spot I pulled up on was a hole that produces well for 2 pound fish but didn't have too many fish on it this year but I was able to pull a 3 and some 2's. When that spot died out I went to the hole that I really wanted to fish .  The fish were on!  It was nothing like I've ever experienced in my life. One fish after another and nothing smaller then 3 pounds.  After having a very solid bag I decided to do some searching for spots close by to have a few more spots for Sunday.  Every spot I pulled up on had more big fish and I was able to cull out a few more times which  I thought would never be possible.  Heading into Sunday I planned on just trying to duplicate the day before with the same baits and same spots but the fishing just wasn't the same. So I switched up baits and was able to get some fish to bite and put together a bag but it took all day.  Most fish came off soft plastics and the others off a crankbait."

In second place was Jaymee Strasbaugh with 30.15 pounds.  Jaymee said, "  I caught all of my fish in the dunes both days from spinner baits, senkos to a 5 straight tail worm. Sunday I caught my big smallmouth in the dunes in about 2 feet of water on a walk the dog style top water bait. Both days were tough to get the bigger fish to bite and really had to work on them. "

Finishing third was Dwayne Lyons with 29.10 pounds.  Dwayne said" ....

In fourth place with 28.35 pounds was new member Kevin Wiley.  This was Kevin's first top five finish.  Kevin said " This was my second time fishing the lake so I based my pattern from the 1 weekend of pre fishing.  I focused on the Medicare Beach and Goose Island humps using football head jigs with Yamamoto Hula Grubs.  I used the 5 inch in Baby Bass and #176.  I caught fish in 3 feet to 20 feet but the average depth was about 10 feet.  I caught mostly smallmouth but some largemouth came out of the area."

Finishing in the top five was Gerald Dunn with 28.10  pounds.  Gerald said he fished within a half mile of the Lind Coulee launch each day.  He was exclusively throwing crank baits.  A KVD 2.5 worked the best for Gerald.



                                                                                                                                         Interviews by Tom Melowitz